69 Camaro ss

69 Camaro ss

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Song Story

Every morning when I first wake up I slowly creep over to my window. I am hoping it is a nice clear day, with beautiful blue skies and no dark, thick and super big clouds. So I slowly lifted up the blinds, pep outside with my eyes closed hoping for clear skies. Wham the sun is blaring in my eye that’s all I can see. It’s like when you are in a dead sleep and your parents or someone come into the room and flip on the little switch really fast.

I think its safe outside, so I open my blinds up all the way. I go and get ready for my wonderful day, know that it is nice enough for me to go and hang out outside I’m pumped. I jump in the shower and think about what I’m going to be doing, since there are not any mean old clouds out there. I think I’m going to go play some football with the neighbor kids. They have been asking me a lot, but it’s always cloudy outside. I finally, the one day I can get outside, I’m going to go and play. So I jump out of the shower look outside its still nice out.

So I grab my phone and call the neighbors and some other friends. “Hey what’s up Corey we going to play some football today,”

“Really you want to come outside and play, are you sure it is safe, or are you going to be a little girl again?” he said. I told him, “NO I’m coming out and I’m going to show you how good I am.”

“Okay, meet me at the park in 20 minutes,” he said. Sweet finally I can get out of here and do something, but every time I try the stupid clouds come outside and stop me. I finish up eating breakfast and I grab my shoes tie them tight and open up the garage. I run outside and jump on my bike, I quickly close my garage door and speed over to the field. I got to the field and there was about ten of us ready to play. Alright let’s do this, I said. I was on my way to go and get ready to make a play. When I say this dark, thick, huge cloud roll in. I started freaking out and told the guys that I got to go. I started to take off running but one of my good friends ran up and tackled me before I could get to my bike. They held me on the grounded and wouldn’t let me run they made me keep my eyes open and the whole time. It seemed like the cloud was staring at me watching me. I thought it was going to attack me or I might die in some weird way. Slowly the cloud went by it seemed it was getting bigger and bigger. My friends were still holding me down on the ground and I was thinking what kind of friends are these. But sooner than later the huge cloud rolled on by and I thought wow why do I need to be scared nothing even happened to me. I am just fine I didn’t get hurt or didn’t die so why am I so scared. It was all in my head I had nothing to be afraid of. Thanks to my friends I’m not afraid anymore. So I thanked them and we got on to playing and ever since that day I’m not afraid.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Videos on my life

i have not quiet yet decided what i want to do for my project. More or likely i am going to do a short story on my life. I might need to do one of the longer ones because there is a lot of stuff that had happened through my life that i need to fit into one of these videos. So i might be doing one of these longer videos. I have not made my final decision i have to see what im doing verything on and how long it will be before i start anything.

Friday, May 7, 2010


I think these are all good stories for children to read. i think the personal narratives were really good too. The personal narratives can really teach you a thing or two. Its pretty sweet what u can learn from other people and their writing.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I think we should do are ownseperate paper on whatever we want to write. if is fiction or non-fictiion it doesn't matter. i work best when i write alone. becuase that why i can write down whatever is on my mine. i have wprked the best pver the past couple years when i have worked alone. This is my opinion and this is what i like and think are class should do. But i dont know what other people say or think. i dont know what else tooo say.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The future of communication

I think that this whole thing on communication is bull. There is not a chance that we will be gettng rid of television or the internet. People are think to hard on the future and what is going to happen. I think we need to focus on bigger and more important things like the war and such. And probably in 100 years or more from now there will be fly cars, robots, no television and some other dumb stuff. Which i will be so glade that i won't be here at that time.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tan Man

Tan Man wild as a tella ban